acoustilectric chamber-rock


1986 Morning Dew

1989 Morning Dew Bretagne Le Passager

1986, a guitar player and a singer met each other and decide from now on to make music together – that’s the way the story starts. To that time Norbert and Uschi Strauß were (not yet a couple and) members of the progrock-band „Morning Dew“ from Gelsenkirchen/Germany. Both delivered a lot of music and lyrics for the partly epical songs of the musician collective, which dissolved in 1989. All of them wanted to go their own ways, and Norbert graduated from Folkwang University Essen with a diploma for classical guitar.

2004 Herne Sonne

1994, the idea to make rockmusic together, stubbornly returned – this time with a totally different concept. It should be a classical rocktrio (guitar, bass and drums) with female lead vocals, focusing now on groovy hardrock with influences of blues and jazz.

2008 Tante AlmaTrial and error, looking for co-musicians and the creation of a two hours live programm needed more than a while – that’s how it is. The merry-go-round in cast turns again and again, until 2002 finally an ensemble named „spoon“ was grounded, which for several years was on the move on the live stages of the Ruhr area.

2010 Ruhe.2010 Kanalbühne2006, the cast of bass and drums changed for the last time, 2008 the first CD „Live at first“ was released. The following years were marked by intensive concert activities. After renaming the band into „the other spoon„, the second CD „Feed.Your.Mind.“ was released in 2013. 2015 the rock project dissolved definitely. Norbert felt increasingly constricted in his musical creativity and would rather like to pursue a concept, that ripened already a long time and that should combine acoustic and electronic music. It was time for Sympéra.

2013 Feed.Your.Mind.Again Uschi joins him with vocals, lyrics and graphic design. Norbert is responsible for guitars and bass, and to feed the computer with keyboard sounds, drum- and percussionloops and samples. They’ll never give up.

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