acoustilectric chamber-rock


Sympéra - Norbert und Uschi Strauß

Sympéra is the solo project launched in 2016 of the Gelsenkirchen guitarist and composer Norbert Strauß. It combines rock music and singer-songwriter tradition with digital technology. What can be done acoustically is made acoustically – with hands, feet, voices….. What goes beyond that, the trained guitarist programs and takes over the processor. That the roots lie in rock is still audible in the chamber music arranged songs: Acoustilelectric Chamber-Rock.

Sympéra connects country ‘n‘ western-picking with hip-hop, sometimes acoustic instruments with machine sounds. Sympéra sounds opulent at times like a large ensemble, sometimes very puristic: vocals, guitar, bass and cajon. „Every song gets the arrangement it needs,“ says Norbert Strauß. „After more than twenty years of rock trio I felt very limited in my musical expression. At Sympéra, many of my ideas can now be put into practice, for which I would actually need a larger line-up. The equal use of technical possibilities considerably expands my artistic freedom.“

Uschi Strauß contributes lead vocals, song lyrics and graphics. Since 1986, the two have been working together in changing band projects.

Since 26 January 2018, Sympéra’s debut album „After 20 Years Of Travelling“ has been available for download and streaming at all popular online stores. Sympéra is currently working on the second album and oher videos.


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